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Please let us know if you have an suggestions, comments or concerns.

The lines of communications should be:

first, with the Coach.

second, with the School's Commissioner of that Sport.

third, with the School's Athletic Director.

Should you need to contact a PPSL representative, please e-mail Ellie Rapp our PPSL Director.



E-Mail Address

PPSL Director

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IMPORTANT: Please understand that recipients of your E-Mail may not be available (out of town, vacation, other time constraints, etc.) and not able to read their mail as soon as they would like. If you require a response, please indicate this in your E-Mail. Your comments are WELCOME.

To E-Mail, simply click your mouse on the Staff's name. (If your system is not configured to send E-Mail directly from an Internet Page, please record the Staff's E-Mail Address and use your E-Mail facility.) Thank you for communicating with us.